Severe sweating or Hyperhydrosis  affects a fair number of people. Most can be treated with strong antiperspirants , but for some the problem just isn't resolved , leading to embarrassing situations and for some they will avoid situations . For these people the use of Botulinum toxin may be the answer if all else has failed.

However it is important to ensure that there is not an underlying reason for your sweating so Qaesthetics will enquire about medical history and if necessary suggest blood tests to ensure you really only have Primary Hyperhydrosis.  

Whether your an executive, athlete, lecturer, speaker or just work in an environment which makes u sweat embarrassingly then we can assist .

We use Botox┬«  for this procedure which has an excellent record of effect and safety. The FDA approved Botox (botulinum toxin type A) for treatment of axillary Hyperhydrosis that can't be resolved with prescription creams or antiperspirants in July 2004. We also recommend a thyroid function test [ included in price ] to rule out thyroid disease as a cause of your excessive sweating.

Come and speak to us about any issues you have with sweating .

Dr Quinn is a member of the International Hyperhydrosis Society and keeps up to date with developments in this field.