Health Medical Screening

Looking good is important, but so is your general health. Skin relies on a healthy body to keep it hydrated and looking radiant. Q aesthetics offers all clients (whether taking cosmetic treatments or not) an affordable comprehensive screening medical. The examination is designed to help identify cardiovascular and diabetes risks, respiratory disorders, as well as health education on smoking, diet and alcohol. Health checks can be booked at any time and take about 30 minutes.

Our Health Check 10

    1 Height / weight / circumference

    2 Body mass index

    3 Body fat index

    4 Cholesterol level

    5 Triglyceride level

    6 Glucose level

    7 Urine analysis for glucose , infection , liver and kidney disease

    8 Spirometry of lungs , lung age

    9 Carbon monoxide levels

    10 Oxygen saturation in blood