Botulinum Toxin treatment commonly referred to as Botox®

Facial lines or wrinkles can be classified into two types, those resulting from sun damage and the natural ageing process of the skin, and those wrinkles produced by lifelong contraction of facial muscles, also called muscular lines.

Muscular lines disappear when the muscle that produces them is inactivated or weakened by a muscular blocking agent like Botulinum toxin - which typically occurs a few days following the procedure. By eliminating the excessive muscular pull, the surface of the skin stretches out and the wrinkle disappears

Of the many uses of Botulinum toxin the cosmetic uses include treating the vertical lines between the eyebrows and on the bridge of the nose. Other uses that are unlicensed include  squint lines or crow´s feet at the corners of the eyes, forehead horizontal lines, the line around the mouth, thinning of the jaw muscle in people with square faces and the muscle bands often visible on the neck, commonly known as "turkey neck" It is also used in the treatment of Hyperhydrosis which is excessive sweating under the arms. Those who suffer from this knows only to well the discomfort it causes.

The procedure only takes a few minutes during which small doses of Botulinum toxin are injected into selected muscles. After injection, the muscle relaxes after 3-7 days, creating a smooth surface that lasts about three to four months before the muscle fully recovers its original strength.

Even after the actual effects of Botulinum toxin are gone, the lines that are left behind are not as deep and don´t return to their original severity.

There are several prescription products available.Please ask your practitioner about the various products available.

Botox is the registered product of Allergan Ltd.