Athletes and Botox®

Athletes by their very activity sweat a lot and this be an issue for them . Evenings out , seminars , training can all produce embarrassing sweat . Use of antiperspirants , and regular washing not helping ?  Of course you don't need to be an athlete to benefit from this treatment. People from all walks of life can suffer axilla sweating that embarrasses them.  So.....

Why not consider a longer term solution?. Muscle relaxation therapy , commonly known as Botox, can decrease sweat for several months at a time.

Small injections into the axilla interferes with sweat gland production thus reducing its activity  The procedure takes under an hour and will last 6-9 months generally.  


  • no need for daily antiperspirants in most cases
  • less axilla odours
  • more confident  at business and social events
  • no more shirt staining
  • long lasting effect
  • less axilla itch
  • partner appreciation